A New Vision for Rockville

My vision for Rockville is one of connection, inclusion, and sustainability.

I have two daughters. One just starting kindergarten and the other almost two. They’ll be living in Rockville a long time, and they deserve an even better city than we have right now. My career has taught me that a city’s progress requires teamwork, outreach, and a long-term mindset. With that, my priorities for Rockville include:


Connecting Rockville

Connecting Rockville means ensuring that all corners of city, from King Farm to Twinbrook, from Lincoln Park to the West End to Rockshire and the neighborhoods on the far side of 270, feel like they are part of the whole. While connection means more than physical infrastructure, one aspect should include more options for access across the tracks, across the Pike, and across 270. This includes well-maintained, high-quality biking and walking paths throughout the city and ensuring accessibility for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Economic Development

Sustaining Rockville’s fantastic services - parks, recreation programs, senior services - requires a prosperous local economy. Rockville has advantages other cities would envy, including a well-educated workforce, great neighborhoods, wonderful schools, and transit options. However, existing development was often designed for a different era. We should encourage transit-oriented and mixed-use options to transform older, asphalt-heavy areas. Focusing on a transit-oriented, edge-based approach also protects Rockville’s neighborhoods, while providing the amenities and access that residents need.

Outreach and Inclusion

As a member of Rockville’s Boards and Commissions Task Force, I have seen the need for more outreach, including to underrepresented populations like young people, minority communities, and immigrants. Our boards and commissions have too many vacancies, and we, as a city, aren’t hearing from all our residents. With so much talent and knowledge throughout our community, we do Rockville a disservice when we don’t prioritize reaching out and asking all our neighbors to join us in guiding the city.

Environmental Sustainability

The immediate needs of the city shouldn’t cause us to forget the crucial priority of sustainability. While major national initiatives get most of the attention, cities play a critical role in addressing sustainability. One policy we should investigate is adding composting to Rockville’s residential waste and recycling options. We should also prioritize appropriate sustainability features for new developments, such as solar energy and permeable surfaces.