Meet James

I want to create a hometown where my daughters can grow healthy, happy, and thrive.

James and his wife Rachel moved to Rockville in 2014 while she was pregnant with their first daughter. They left D.C. and bought a house in Twinbrook with parenthood less than three months away and James’s dissertation still unfinished. But it didn’t take long for Rockville to feel like home. Neighbors brought them food and mowed their grass. Their trash cans would mysteriously walk themselves back up to the house. They were invited to watch rugby on TV and ballet at the Fitzgerald Theater. James has frequently remarked to Rachel, “I’m never moving again.”


Professionally, James’s background illustrates his deep commitment to public service. Starting as a Presidential Management Fellow (PMF) with HUD to his recent tenure on the Board of Rockville Housing Enterprises (RHE), James would bring a wealth of practical experience and policy knowledge to the Council. While at HUD, James worked in economic development, traveling around the country helping local officials turn federal money into economic opportunity for their communities.

After his time with HUD, James spent several years as a consultant, developing expertise in budgets and finance, helping communities reinvigorate their economies, provide better services, and plan for the future, all to improve the lives of their residents. More recently, James and Rachel added another daughter, Julia, to their family, and James started working closer to home. At the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), James specializes in finance and spends considerably less time traveling.


Now that his kids sleep through the night, James has also become more active in the local community, joining the Executive Committee of the Twinbrook Community Association (TCA) and being confirmed by the Mayor and Council to the board of Rockville Housing Enterprises (RHE). He has also participated in Rockville’s Boards and Commissions Task Force, helping the city to put their boards and commissions on a solid foundation for the next several decades.  As a consultant, a government employee, and a local volunteer, James has worked to find solutions, helping communities balance the needs of their communities and the demands of their budgets.

James’s background provides two things: motivation and practical experience. Professionally, James has extensive experience with local officials around the country, learning from their successes and failures. Personally, James has two daughters who will grow up in Rockville, go to its schools, shop in its stores, drive on its streets. He wants to create a hometown where they can grow healthy, happy, and thrive.